At Empirical Search we’re conscious that not everyone is the same. Therefore we cater to your specific needs as appropriate. We also appreciate that the route in or out of Treasury and Risk may not always be obvious. As such, when speaking with us about your next step we can provide you with honest and useful advice, gained from years of relevant experience, to ensure your next move is a considered and advantageous one.

Providing good aftercare is one our biggest priorities. The relationship doesn’t end upon acceptance of a role with us - many of the relationships we have today started out with candidates entering the Treasury or Risk arenas for the first time. As such, we’ll remain a source of information and assistance for you throughout your career.

​Our commitments

All interaction with Empirical Search is on a totally confidential basis and your details will never be discussed with a client or any external party without your expressed permission. As is the case with all of our clients, Empirical Search is committed to candidate diversity, equality and inclusion.


We regularly help people with the following part or fully qualified professional qualifications find a way into the Treasury and Risk departments we work for. We also help and have helped those who have no professional qualifications but want to find the most suitable route in. We provide advice on the suitability of certain qualifications to the sectors we cover along with which employers are willing to help support these from both a financial and time out point of view. This list includes but is not limited to:


Financial Services and Corporate Treasury

Our networks and reach extend right from Analyst through to Senior Group Treasurer.

​Financial Services and Corporate Risk

Our networks and reach extend right from Analyst through to CRO.

Professional Services

In the specialist Treasury and Risk areas we have recruited for we have completed mandates at Associate level through to Partner level.