Financial Services

Nowhere else is this more prevalent than in the financial services sector where regulation obviously takes, and will continue to take, centre stage. Our coverage and specialisms here include the following:

  • Prudential Risk and Regulation
  • Market Risk Oversight (Non-Traded)
  • Liquidity Risk Oversight
  • Balance Sheet Modelling
  • Stress Testing
  • Capital Risk Oversight
  • Funding Risk
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • FX Risk Management
  • Climate Risk
  • Risk Management IT and Systems
  • Prudential Risk Audit
  • Prudential Risk Data Science / Statistical Modelling


    With less regulation corporates can act differently however will still follow best practice risk management methods. We are well placed to help here by recommending people with the following skill sets:

    • FX Risk Management
    • Market Risk Management

    Professional Services

    There is a growing and very profitable industry in the Risk and Regulation advisory space. By working with consulting and advisory firms alongside our industry clients we offer a balanced selection of options for our candidates and in turn a richly diverse candidate pool to the professional services companies we work for. The teams we can help include the following:

    • Risk Advisory
    • Prudential Risk Advisory
    • Financial Risk Management Advisory